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Bulldozer pursuit Highway 75


Cass County Sheriff Wm. C. Brueggemann advised that on Friday June 5, 2020 at approximately 06:55 a.m. Cass County Dispatch received a call in regards to a bulldozer driving on the grass shoulder of north bound hwy 75 near Rock Bluff Road.


Chad Thiessen 39 YOA of rural Murray, NE stole a bulldozer early Friday morning from the Grahm Construction Company working on a road project in Murray, NE. Thiessen fortified the occupant area of the bulldozer to protect and complicate efforts to access the operator.


Thiessen called the Cass County 911 Center at 05:32 a.m. and advised he had obtained a bulldozer and was enroute to Omaha to protest and deliver a message to the world about all the corruption and false information the media and government are communicating. Thiessen warned all to stay out of his way.


Deputies attempted to make contact with the bulldozer operated by Thiessen on the shoulder of Hwy 75 near the Plattsmouth Airport. Deputies were able to divert Thiessen west onto a county roadway. Thiessen damaged the Plattsmouth Airport's runway, farm fields and twice became entangled on the Union Pacific Rail Road tracks.


Authorities were able establish communications via cellular phone with Thiessen and convinced him to stop the bulldozer in an open bean field about a ½ mile south of Waverley Road near Hwy 75. Authorities were able to convince Thiessen to exit the bulldozer with no further incident.


Thiessen was taken into custody and taken to Cass County Sheriff's Office and charged with numerous offenses. The investigation is ongoing.


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