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The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) consists of two plain clothed Investigators. The main responsibilities of the CID include the investigation of all major crimes and drug violations. The CID also assists the Road Patrol in concluding investigations when needed. The Investigators lend their expertise and experience to developing younger Deputies by their guidance and experience.
The Investigators have developed relationships and cultivated a network of other Law Enforcement officers which aids in gathering and sharing information that is useful to outside agencies' cases. The investigators are task force members of the Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force (Southeast Region) and the Nebraska Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC). 
One of the investigators is primarily assigned Family Crimes, which include, but not limited to, child abuse/neglect, sexual assaults of children, abuse/neglect of vulnerable adults, and major adult sexual assaults (cases where evidence collection is paramount). The Investigator works hand in hand with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Child Advocacy Centers, and the Cass County Attorney's Office.
The other Investigator is responsible for felony and major misdemeanor cases. These cases sometimes necessitate obtaining subpoenas and search warrants. Drug cases, financial crimes, internet and computer crimes, theft, identity theft, burglaries, and death investigations are some types of crimes the CID are assigned.
All the Investigators collect and analyze evidence, conduct interviews of victims, witnesses, and suspects; then prepare reports to forward on to the Cass County Attorney's Office for prosecution.

Crime Tip Hotline  800-527-3699 or submit via Email