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Reports of intermittent Verizon cell phone outages cause 911 concerns


Cass County has been affected by outages in Verizon's cellular service. Verizon outages are currently being reported in at least several states, but we do not know the cause or if the outages are related. Some outages have reportedly involved all Verizon services, but so far the outages Cass County has experienced have been very intermittent, usually lasting only a few minutes at a time. The type of outages in Cass County have been limited to outgoing Verizon cell-to-cell calls and Version cell-to-landline calls.

If you need emergency services and your call to 911 does not go through, text message to 911 has consistently worked in Cass County so far. When texting 911 include your location and the type of emergency.

Additional options to reach 911 if your Verizon cell service fails include getting to a landline or utilizing another cellular carrier such as AT&T or T-Mobile. It is possible you may still place cellular calls if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, but this option has not been confirmed and the conditions could change.

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