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Two vehicle injury accident Hwy 75 near Murray


Cass County Sheriff Robert Sorenson advised that on Saturday, August 12, 2023 at 12:32 a.m. Cass County Deputies, along with Murray Fire & Rescue responded to a two-vehicle injury accident at 5306 Hwy. 75. First vehicle contacted was a 2006 blue Chevrolet Impala 11B617 driven by Larry Donnell Smith (45 of Nebraska City) with Antoinette M. Smith (49 Nebraska City) in the passenger seat. Vehicles involved in the accident were headed southbound on Hwy 75 when Larry could not stop in time and rear ended a 2012 white Infinity G25 11A262 driven by Arturo Aguilera (52 of Nebraska City) with Silvia Romero Chavez (59) in the front passenger seat and Fausto Gonzales Vargas  (69) in the rear passenger seat. Both drivers stated a white Dodge pickup with a black back bumper that was in front of Arturo's vehicle slammed on his brakes and turned into the horse shoe driveway at the located address. The white Dodge was reported to have pulled around the driveway and came out behind the accident to be last scene heading northbound on Highway 75. All parties were wearing their seat belts and no airbags were deployed. Silvia was transported to the hospital. Both vehicles were driven away from scene 


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