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ATTENTION Parents and UTV Drivers,


ATTENTION Parents and UTV Drivers,

We need your help! We have recently seen a dramatic increase in the number of underage and illegal uses of recreational vehicles such as golf carts, ATVs, and UTVs on Cass County roadways.

As parents ourselves, we know that you want to keep your children safe. However, recreational vehicles are not designed for use on public roads. They are not as stable as cars or trucks, and they do not have the same safety features. This makes them more dangerous for underage drivers, who are less experienced and less likely to be able to handle these vehicles safely. The dangers of accidents involving recreational vehicles are real and commonly include collisions, overturning, and ejections. These accidents can happen in an instant, and the consequences can be devastating.

 We are asking you to please talk to your children about the dangers, laws, and rules relating to driving recreational vehicles. We realize some of you may think even though it is illegal, your underage child is mature enough to drive these vehicles on a roadway safely. Underage recreational vehicle drivers and their parents can both face consequences for driving on public roadways. If your underage child is caught they could be detained, fined, the vehicle could be impounded, and you could be held liable for any damages relating to their illegal driving. Additionally, parents who allow underage children to drive a recreational vehicle also put themselves at risk of being fined or charged criminally. 

 We know this can be a difficult conversation to have, but it is one that needs to be had. We would rather risk being unpopular with a small group of golf cart, ATV, and UTV owners and drivers for our prevention efforts than work a tragic accident, especially an accident involving an underage child. That's why we're asking you to please talk to your children about the dangers of underage and illegal use of recreational vehicles.

 Minimum Requirements for Cities permitting UTV use.  

1) 16 years of age and be a licensed driver

2) 36" flag and minimum distance off the ground

3) Registration with the city/village that permits their use and plate/sticker must be displayed

4) Valid insurance must be kept on the UTV/ATV


Here are some specific things you can do:

  • Talk to your children about the dangers of underage and illegal use of recreational vehicles.
  • Explain to them that it is not only illegal but also dangerous.
  • Remind them that there is a real risk they could be seriously injured or killed if they are involved in an accident while driving a recreational vehicle.
  • Set clear rules and expectations for your children about the use of recreational vehicles.
  • Make sure your children are aware of the legal requirements for driving recreational vehicles in your specific community and throughout Nebraska.
  • Be a good role model and follow the rules yourself.


We know that you love and care for your children, and we do too. Please help us keep our children safe by following the law and not allowing underage drivers to operate recreational vehicles. It could save their life.



The Cass County Sheriff's Office

Crime Tip Hotline  800-527-3699 or submit via Email