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Waconda Area Brush Fire


Attention Cass County residents!! PLEASE AVOID THE AREA OF LAKE WACONDA

Fire Departments from the entire region are battling a brush fire that is threatening the homes in the Lake Waconda area. The Cass County Sheriff's Office has also called out additional deputies and specialized equipment to assist with this dangerous situation. Sheriff Robert Sorenson has also personally responded to the scene to assist with the efforts.

Brush fires can quickly become uncontrollable and spread, creating dangerous conditions for anyone in the area. If citizens enter these areas, they could be at risk of injury or even death. When citizens are near the areas where firefighting is taking place, they risk causing traffic congestion and hindering the movements of firefighting vehicles and equipment. This can slow the response time or prevent firefighters from accessing certain areas of the fire and create even more dangerous conditions for both citizens and firefighters.

The best way for citizens to help Lake Waconda is to avoid the area of Lake Waconda so firefighters can concentrate on fighting the fire.

As of 03:00 a.m. on Easter Sunday the fire crews continue to fight the fire along the Nebraska side of the Missouri River Southwest of Lake Waconda. Fire ground command has summoned earth moving equipment and additional resources and state agencies for assistance. Lake Waconda residence evacuated on Saturday evening are returning to their homes. No structure damage has been reported.  

As of 1:30 p.m. the fire ground command has requested aerial fire suppression.    

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