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Three individuals charged with Possession of stolen financial devices


Cass County Sheriff Wm. C. Brueggemann announces the arrests of three individuals during a traffic stop on October 18, 2021 as a result of a traffic infraction that led to a search of the vehicle and the occupants.  The vehicle was stopped after it merged onto Eastbound I-80 from highway 63.  The vehicle was a rental from Budget Rental and was driven by Alex D. Edwards (26) from Sunrise FL.  The front passenger was Rommario R. O'Connor (25) from Fort Lauderdale, FL and the back passenger was Geneveve L. Hanley (36) from Cedaredge, CO.  

During the course of the traffic stop, the Deputy observed suspicious activity and behaviors and was given conflicting stories from the occupants.  A K-9 was utilized and alerted to possible drugs in the vehicle.   A subsequent search of the vehicle and occupants turned up a small amount of drugs and paraphernalia.  Also located were numerous financial transaction devices from several other individuals from different states that did not belong to any of the arrested occupants.

An Investigator from the Sheriff's Office contacted several of the credit card owners and learned the financial devices were stolen from their vehicles over the last week.  The three individuals were charged with possession of stolen financial devices and the female was also charged with the possession of a controlled substance.      


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